Apple FairPlay DRM

Apple FairPlay Streaming DRM can assist anyone in securing its multimedia content through encryption on iOS, iPad, tvOS, and macOS. Content creators, publishers, media production houses, and NGOs can prevent hacking of their multimedia content.

Get Content Security with Apple FairPlay DRM

Secure content in iOS, tvOS, and Safari browsers on Mac with Apple’s FairPlay DRM while they are streaming online or offline. Moreover, it assists in screen recording and capturing on iOS, iPad, tvOS, and macOS. It helps a business, especially streaming businesses, including NGOs, video publication houses, YouTubers, and individual digital content creators.

Apple’s FairPlay DRM is compatible with Mac Safari, iOS Safari, and iOS Apps (Native Apps). This DRM secures the loss of your audio & video content. It is useful to keep your revenue secured from the loss of premium content. You can prevent your copyrighted material by shielding it using Apple’s FairPlay DRM.

VideoCrypt provides this DRM solution to other streaming businesses at a reasonable price. With the Apple FairPlay DRM solution, you will create a shield over your digital content. This shield will help to securely deliver media content to client devices with HTTP live streaming (HLS) protocol.

Benefits of Apple FairPlay DRM

  • Audio & video content protection on Apple devices.
  • Completely integrate FairPlay DRM with Apple AirPlay.
  • Compatible with iOS, Apple TV, tvOS, and watchOS.
  • Exchange keys with optimum security.
  • FPS protection for live and on-demand content.
Benefits of Apple FairPlay DRM

Features of VideoCrypt FairPlay DRM

Hardware DRM Support Hardware DRM Support

A client environment supporting Apple FPS DRM is completely secured at the hardware level. It is important for content creators and suitable for the security of premium content.

Apple AirPlay Support
Apple AirPlay Support

Apple FairPlay DRM supports AirPlay without any requirement of additional coding with similar security as it can be played on Apple devices.

Offline PlaybackOffline Playback

FairPlay DRM supports offline or downloaded playback through Apple FairPlay Streaming with complete protection from digital content piracy.

Content Delivery Through Protocols
Content Delivery Through Protocols

Apple FairPlay Streaming (FPS) DRM assists in securely delivering content with encryption through HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) and CBCS protocol.

Support Streaming Formats
Support Streaming Formats

Apple FairPlay Streaming (FPS) DRM can support two well-known streaming formats, which are HTTP live streaming (HLS) and CMAF protocols.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Apple Still Use FairPlay DRM?
Yes, Apple is still using the FairPlay DRM in 2023 to keep its audio and video content protected on the Mac and iOS operating systems.

What Platforms Are Supported by FairPlay DRM?
Apple FairPlay DRM, according to its name, supports digital content security on Apple devices. An iOS operating system and Safari browser protect music and videos with this DRM.

Does Apple FairPlay DRM Block Screenshots on the Apple Devices?
Yes, Apple FairPlay DRM prevents all users from taking illegal screenshots on the Safari browser and the iOS application.

What is Apple FairPlay Streaming (FPS) DRM?
Apple FairPlay Streaming DRM is useful to secure any audio & video content transferred using the HLS protocol on all iOS devices, tvOS, and Safari browsers on Mac.

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