Safeguard your Content through the Tablet Application Solutions we Offer!

Currently, many businesses are operating online and leaving no stone unturned in creating an online impact. Due to technological advancement, businesses want to go online because their target audience is present there. A majority of the business segment is using tablet devices primarily for consuming educational content. Thus, tablet app development has become an important activity to ensure the development of a business. But, businesses are unaware of a suitable company for developing a great application for using that on the tablet device.

VideoCrypt has emerged as the perfect answer and operates as a great tablet app development company. Its functions are to keep its content safe from any online theft. Many educational content providers are using the state-of-the-art services of VideoCrypt to stream content without any obstacles. Their services are indeed greater, and numerous businesses are using that regularly.

Therefore, VideoCrypt is a top-notch Android tablet app development company functioning with the reliability feature. This enables a business to stream its content with complete encryption. It makes sure that their media content always remains protected and does not have any flaws.

Why should anyone select VideoCrypt for tablet app development?

VideoCrypt is an impressive company engaged in the business of developing apps that work correctly. The tablet app development process by VideoCrypt enables every business to get online and flourish financially. Moreover, VideoCrypt has a highly trained team working 24/7 to secure video content on using that on tablet through encryption.

Services offered by VideoCrypt for tablet app solution

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Protect Content via watermark

Prevent your content from theft using our impressive technology with tablet app solutions we offer. This helps a viewer to know the source of video content.


Regularization of playback

VideoCrypt assists in developing a tablet app providing any business to have total control over the playback speed of the media content.

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Learn on the go

A significant service we provide is the ability to use our tablet application solution. A user can learn through the video content from the app we offer

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Add compatibility feature

VideoCrypt offers an application for a tablet that works on both Android and iOS OS. Thus, many businesses use the Android tablet app development service of VideoCrypt.

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Power of encryption

The specialized application developed by VideoCrypt for tablets offers security from any online theft of media content that can be opened only through a special key/ID.


Let you earn more!

Our tablet app solution allows a business to maximize its earning capability through the impeccable technology it has to enable belief in using the application.

Important features which VideoCrypt provides.

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Using Robust Technique

VideoCrypt offers technology that follows trailblazing technologies for developing an application working any hindrance. It mainly includes the use of digital watermarking

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User-friendly approach

Allowing any user to work by using flawless UI/UX is an excellent feature that VideoCrypt offers during the usage of tablet app development service.

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Integrate communication channels

VideoCrypt assists in the integration of the communication channels while using the tablet application. All social media platforms are added to facilitate communication services.

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Useful for Amazon fire tablet app development

One of the essential features of VideoCrypt is its availability as an Amazon fire tablet app that makes it unique as many can use this on e-learning channels.

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Highly secured content

Another massive feature that VideoCrypt offers is securing the video content; this is feasible through the encryption provided by the impressive technology we offer.

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Effective support

Every tablet application developed by VideoCrypt has a special feature in which 24/7 available customer support is provided to all the users through effective support.

Benefits of using video on demand tablet app service of VideoCrypt

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Works offline also

VideoCrypt’s tablet application solutions also work when there is a lack of internet. This is a great benefit that enables a business to grow exponentially due to increment in its usability.

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Operates on all OS

VideoCrypt is efficient in developing applications having the ability to work on all operating systems without any obstruction. It enables the use of both Android and iOS tablet app development for using that without any problem.

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Large storage of data

The tablet application development task performed by VideoCrypt offers a great advantage of allowing high storage of data while using the tablet application.

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Affordable development

It is cost-effective to develop an application for a tablet by using unmatchable technology. This benefits all businesses (big, medium, or small) to use this application service.

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Highly arranged

VideoCrypt has expertise in developing those applications that have a feature of arranging the use of the application and providing Video on Demand (VOD) feature to all the users.

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Streaming media content

Educate your target audience using the simple and secured streaming on using the tablet app solution offered by VideoCrypt. Use that for streaming on different channels and use it without any issue.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I Choose VideoCrypt for tablet application solutions?
Yes, VideoCrypt offers many resources that are valuable to add significant features while using this online service. This company is perfect for Android tablet application development that offers many resources for the usage of this company.

Which programming language is used for iOS app development?
Objective C is the best programming language used for iOS tablet app development due to its benefits. This is an object-oriented language that is completely simple to use.

Is it affordable to use VideoCrypt for developing android apps?
Yes, using VideoCrypt is completely affordable and the best part is the online streaming service that is also useful. It is an excellent Android tablet app development company having the unique feature of working with a lower price list.

Why Kindle app development is vital?
Kindle application development is essential for using that in the education sector. The development of the Kindle app is a critical process that VideoCrypt performs. This e-readers application permits any customer to perform that without any problem.

Where to find the best tablet application developers?
VideoCrypt has a team of professional and well-trained tablet app developers. They know a perfect method to complete their jobs and develop a secured and flawless platform.

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