Secured Video Hosting

Securely host and share your online videos with VideoCrypt’s online video hosting platform and control who can access and view your premium content.

Easily Manage and Scale Videos


Video Content Management System (CMS)

Manage and organize your video content with our CMS tool by securely uploading, transcoding, analyzing, and sharing videos. Moreover, you can group and modify videos in bulk with VideoCrypt’s CMS tool.

Encode Videos for ABR Streaming

Leverage the auto-transcoding tools of VideoCrypt for encoding video files for Adaptive Bitrate (ABR) streaming with optimum quality of your video.

End-to-end video piracy and security

White-label platform to secure your videos and prevent piracy by privately sharing your video content with your target audience.

Total control over viewers

Prevent users from accessing and viewing your video content by locking it with a password or limiting access to your videos according to the requirement.


Features of VideoCrypt Online Video Hosting

Broadcast in High Quality Broadcast in High Quality

Store your videos securely and stream them in high-resolution quality (480p or 1080p) using multi-bitrate technology to provide a great experience to all viewers.

Securely Upload Videos Securely Upload Videos

Upload your videos in bulk with an extra layer of security by encrypting them all to stop any hacking attempt with an advanced video hosting platform.

Support Video TranscodingSupport Video Transcoding

Deliver your videos with our transcoding service with H.264 using AAC audio without any special technical knowledge and preferred video quality as per the device.

Easily Embed VideosEasily Embed Videos

VideoCrypt allows you to securely share videos by embedding the codes easily on any web page. Moreover, you can also share videos using social media.

Enable Mobile Streaming
Enable Mobile Streaming

The online video hosting platform of VideoCrypt enables content creators to stream live to their phones with an HTML5 video player and makes it compatible with devices.

24/7 Tech Support

24/7 Tech Support

Resolve your technical queries regarding our secured online video hosting and sharing platform with round-the-clock available customer support.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of VideoCrypt’s online video hosting platform?
VideoCrypt offers all digital content creators a robust platform to securely share and store video content. This white-label platform is available with a free trial and

How can I host and share videos online?
VideoCrypt is one of the leading online video sharing platforms, which is suitable for various digital content creators and publishers. You can host and share a video securely with the best-in-class hosting services of VideoCrypt.

Is hosting online videos on VideoCrypt free?
Hosting videos on VideoCrypt is free when you choose VideoCrypt’s free plan. It has a validity of 7 days, and a digital content creator can avail of all available features of VideoCrypt’s video hosting and host a video online for free.