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Undoubtedly, live streaming has gained a lot of importance in recent years. Its significance is growing by leaps and bounds as more and more businesses are investing in the development and streaming of videos. All educators, YouTubers, many institutes, and other video content publishers are using the live streaming services for flawless and secure video streaming with more control.

Live video streaming is important for all video publishers and content creators. The reason is simple; it helps to increase the engagement of the audience and make it simple to understand the brand message. VideoCrypt is a live streaming company to boost video broadcasting with extra control over videos. A user can get a high-performance live streaming app to stream his video. All businesses or individuals streaming live on YouTube want to use this software to ensure flawless video streaming. This streaming is vital as it will help you earn more revenue by promoting the activities of your business.

What is Live Streaming?

Live streaming is the activity when the video is streamed on the internet without being recorded or stored. Whether it is an online product launch, a webinar, or a live coaching class, live streaming services are used. This streaming permits you to connect with all your viewers in real-time. In simple words, live video streaming is a virtual session held on various social and online platforms that can be accessed anywhere. It is an excellent option for spreading vital information about the brand message, upcoming events, etc.

Services Offered by VideoCrypt’s live streaming platform - Player SDK

video-encryptionHigh-Definition Quality

Great video resolution is one of the essential features of any video. This is one of the best services which you can get with the live streaming platform we provide. The multi-bitrate technology in 1080P HD quality is an excellent service to provide an optimal experience to all viewers, especially using our OTT Platform.

Video-On-DemandBetter Control

VideoCrypt enables you to live stream with peace of mind by having complete control of your content. When you can control your live video streaming, you do not need to worry about the piracy of your content and play it using the best-in-class HTML5 video player.

Live StreamingGood Engagement

Having a great ROI is a blessing for every video publisher or content creator. A great engagement is helpful in increasing the engagement level of your video. Streaming live video provides you with an opportunity to talk with your audience and ask them for any feedback or suggestion using an online platform.

Video PlayoutSecure Video Upload

This is a major concern among the video publishers or YouTube creators to securely upload their videos. This service is crucial as it maintains the privacy of your video content. In addition, the live streaming software offers you DRM protection to protect and manage the rights of your digital content.

Anti-Capture FeatureInteract with Viewers

Get feedback and improve your performance while streaming live audio and video on the online platforms. This will help you to increase the engagement rate and notably improve the chances of earning more revenue.  

Anti-Capture FeaturePlayer SDK

Player SDK is one of the latest technologies which VideoCrypt offers so that a user can interact with embedded video players using this code on your web page. Modify the default features of your player, including autorestart, looping, custom functions, and color controls.  

Key Features of live video streaming of VideoCrypt

Mobile streming

Mobile Streaming

We provide you with a special feature of compatibility with advanced devices and browsers. The devices majorly include mobile as they are used at a large scale during live video streaming. Therefore, many prefer using our compatible live streaming services.

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24/7 Customer Support

Our live streaming platform is helpful as it offers you with the best-in-class customer support. This support is available around the clock to provide you with relevant information about our services. The fastest way to get in touch with VideoCrypt is by using the phone call service.

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Stream your Premium Content

We offer a special live streaming platform to allow you to stream your premium content without any flaws. This is one of the biggest and most in-demand features of using our live streaming services. It will make your premium content successful by providing a best-in-class experience to all viewers.


Powerful CDN

VideoCrypt offers CloudFront, which is one of the best content delivery networks to support streaming live video. It helps to transfer your multimedia content with low latency over the internet quickly to anyone located around the world. So share your static and dynamic content quickly with high speed.

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Mobile Streaming box

We provide you with a special feature of compatibility with advanced devices and browsers. The devices majorly include mobile as they are used at a large scale during live video streaming. Therefore, many prefer using our compatible live streaming services to improve their customer reach.

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Easy and Convenient

Many businesses or individual video creators are afraid of live streaming, considering it hard to perform. But, VideoCrypt has made it very simple for everyone to stream live using its best-in-classe live streaming software. You only need adequate hardware and software to complete your live streaming.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Does Live Streaming Platform Work?
We provide a great platform to support live streaming activity. This platform works by enabling you to stream your live video content. Moreover, video creators, producers, and publishers can use this live streaming platform to engage with their potential audience in real-time and work on their suggestions and feedback.

How to start live streaming?
It is simple to begin this service as it can be completed only with a camera, microphone, internet connection and live streaming platform of Videocrypt, and basic knowledge of video creation. To know more, visit our contact us page to get additional details about this service.

Is it possible to stream privately?
Yes, it is possible to stream privately using the live streaming services of VideoCrypt. You will have a privacy option to choose who can see your videos or limit the number of viewers by simply not sharing your live streaming link with others.

Is it safe to stream live?
Yes, selecting the live stream feature is completely safe as we offer this service with DRM protection and other security features. Which majorly includes the anti-capture feature. It makes your live streaming safe and out of the reach of unauthenticated users.

Is it possible to get assistance before buying the live streaming services of VideoCrypt?
Yes, you will be able to get expert assistance before planning to buy the live streaming services we offer. Perform this either by calling our officials to talk with them, using our search center, or sending an email at our official ID.