VideoCrypt is a highly secure video hosting and live streaming platform to prevent video piracy. It has the trust of many businesses around the world and is working with a goal to offer HD quality video streaming at an affordable price. As a result, all YouTubers, medical organisations, event organisers, educational institutes for online learning, and other video creators can use our services to publish their digital content without any fear of piracy.

Key features we offer include visible watermarking, multi-DRM, video encryption, robust CDN, flawless streaming with AWS, and other anti-piracy technologies. We are well-known for simplifying the distribution of premium media content with the latest technologies.

Core Values

Customer Focus

Everything we do is based on our commitment to our customers. Our capacity to truly listen to, understand, and satisfy the requirements of our customers is a significant difference and a critical success element for our firm.


We believe that productive and meaningful deviations result from observing challenges and opportunities from new angles and exercising our curiosity. We keep up with the latest internet trends to ensure that you receive the most return on your investment.


Transparency is essential to us. We are dedicated to encouraging open, two–way communication so that all stakeholders are aware of our position and where we need to focus our efforts to develop the firm.

Teamwork and Synergy

Teamwork is based on trust, honesty, and respect. Personal connection and mutual trust are the cornerstones of our success. In addition, cooperation and teamwork contribute to synergy in our pervasive environment.


We are committed to bringing the highest ethical standards and being guided by what is right, and interacting in an open, honest, and positive manner. Even if it isn't the most popular method, we will always take the long view. In the end, our firm is guided by the golden rule, and we prefer it that way.

Long-Term Outlook

We’re always looking forward. We invest in the future we want for our company, our clients, our environment, and the communities we serve. We track trends and position ourselves at the leading edge of a constantly changing industry. We sustain our company’s success by building strong relationships and an excellent reputation. We work toward a vision for a better world.

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Reach out to us to see how VideoCrypt can help you save your revenue from unwanted piracy and deliver your valuable content only to your specific target users.

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