Microsoft PlayReady DRM

VideoCrypt offers PlayReady DRM to prevent unauthorized use of premium audio and video content. All digital content owners and producers trust this DRM to effortlessly play encrypted content on devices in UHD or 1080p.

Secure Digital Content through Microsoft PlayReady DRM

Microsoft’s PlayReady DRM is well-known for providing security of content access and protection from hacking. This hacking affects the revenue model of the streaming businesses, including NGOs, Publication Houses, EdTechs, Digital Content Producers, and SMBs. Microsoft PlayReady DRM is one of the effective technologies to keep a shield on premium content and discourage its misuse.

It supports both audio (AAC and AC3) and video (AVC and HEVC) codecs. Moreover, it uses SL150, SL2000, and SL3000 layers of security to protect premium multimedia content. Microsoft DRM assists in the safe distribution of audio/video content over a network.

Applying and Using Microsoft PlayReady DRM is simple and compatible with Windows phones, Xbox, Browsers (Edge11), and SmartTVs. VideoCrypt offers this Microsoft DRM at an affordable price to any individual or business.

Benefits of Microsoft PlayReady DRM

  • Prevent video playback in all devices except the device of the client.
  • Protect the content of any type, including music, video, image, games, etc.
  • PlayReady DRM supports both on-demand video and live video streaming.
  • Permit file transfer between two Windows computers with optimum security.
  • Secure premium audio and video content from hacking and free distribution.
Benefits of Microsoft PlayReady DRM

Features of Microsoft PlayReady DRM

Content Packaging Server Content Packaging Server

With Microsoft DRM, digital content (MP4) is encrypted and converted to MPEG-DASH or HLS format and delivered to end users with optimum security.

License Server License Server

End-user can decrypt the content delivered to it with the encryption key which is issued from the DRM server and easily provided by VideoCrypt.

Domain ControllerDomain Controller

Use domain controllers properly to know who can access and use your premium content and use it with VideoCrypt’s Microsoft PlayReady DRM system.

Native Client SecurityNative Client Security

Microsoft PlayReady DRM enables all digital content producers to take advantage of hardware security to safely distribute the high-resolution media content.

Streaming Formats
Streaming Formats

Microsoft PlayReady DRM is well-known for supporting HTTPS Live Streaming (HLS), CMAF, and MPEG-DASH and streaming your multimedia content securely.

Content Sideloading
Content Sideloading

All users can permit the transfer of files between two Windows PCs with complete security of the premium digital content.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Microsoft PlayReady DRM?
Microsoft PlayReady DRM is a technology used for protecting the distribution of online content. Microsoft PlayReady supports MPEG-DASH, HLS, and MSS.

Why should I choose VideoCrypt's Microsoft PlayReady DRM?
VideoCrypt provides a Microsoft PlayReady DRM solution to protect content from illegal access. It also allows these DRMs to properly protect content which is a tried-and-tested scalable solution with complete flexibility.

How VideoCrypt's Microsoft PlayReady DRM works?
VideoCrypt’s Microsoft PlayReady DRM works by protecting your content distributed over the internet with multiple security levels and piracy prevention features.

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