Encrypt media via Google drive solutions offered by VideoCrypt!

Today, every business is online due to the presence of a majority of their target market segment. This has offered them a chance to target them by providing them with video content to express your message clearly. But, this has also made them raise an eyebrow due to stealing their data online. In addition, there is a notable chance about the theft of the video that has been already posted.

This is one of the major concerns for a business as they cannot discharge their duties properly. The education sector is the most affected one as they have to face theft of their online content. Thus, Google workspace for education service is vital for them. VideoCrypt knows it better and protects the media content to remain secure with the encryption service they offer.

Any organization using the digital platform to share its data always stays concerned about its safety. They stay on alert mode regarding data security and protection. However, the Google drive solutions we offer are capable of providing their content a shield against the theft of their online video content. They can keep their content safe and secured and outrank the competitors through the encryption offered by VideoCrypt in Google drive.

Why should I hire VideoCrypt for Google drive solutions?

Many have a common query in which they want to the importance of VideoCrypt for Google drive encryption. This encryption assists them in guarding their content and making it theft-proof. In addition, use Google drive education solutions with a recovery key. This key/ID will be provided only to the real owner of a business and not anyone else.

Vital services provided by VideoCrypt in Google Drive Solutions

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Premium Content Protection

Impressive service comes with the digital watermarking feature to prevent unauthorized use of your video.


24/7 Content Accessibility

Any content shared in the Google Drive solution remains available around the clock with an easy accessibility feature.

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Enable Permission

Any business (irrespective of the domain in which they work) can permit users to use Google drive.

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Share Securely

VideoCrypt enables a business to share data securely with any user and manage it.

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Encrypted Files

VideoCrypt lets you store crucial data on Google Drive with an extra layer of security through the security of the encrypted files.


Populate File Names

Our service gives an important edge over others by automatically populating the names of the stored files.

Important features regarding Google Drive education solutions VideoCrypt offer!

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Customization for Various Platforms

Avail of the online CMS service of VideoCrypt with Google Drive to manage your content properly.

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Boost Marketing

Improve your marketing efforts using the in-built tools provided in the Drive solutions given by VideoCrypt.

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Grant Permission

With our strong encryption, only the actual user can share the data with any other user and provide its permission.

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Search Essential Content

Numerous businesses use our Google Drive solution and use it through a simple interface offering a great search feature.

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Safe and Secure

The Google Drive solution service we offer is totally safe and has 100% security of your content.

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User-Friendly Interface

One of the vital features which VideoCrypt offers is the simplified interface with easy navigation.

Important benefits of using Google Drive solutions for VideoCrypt

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Use Other Apps

Everyone can use the Google Drive education solutions by using that with other applications. These apps include Docs, Sheets, etc. for the benefit of completing its application.

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Go Offline

It is vital for any business to work even in the absence of internet connectivity. The Google Drive solution which VideoCrypt offers enables them to use this feature which is the biggest benefit for them.

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Operate Online Securely

This enables a business to leverage the encryption feature and secure the content from any theft while operating online. This can be done using a specialized key/ ID.

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Seamless Editing Experience

Anyone can edit files/ content saved on the Google Drive solution offered by VideoCrypt. This enables them to manage the content adequately and without any problem.

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Anti-capture Media Content

Any business working online operates by providing its videos with the anti-capture feature to seal that and disable any attempt to steal that media content.

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Anytime Update Data

Along with other benefits, one more of its advantages is updating the data in real-time. Any business can perform this to update its content and increase its reliability.


Is there any way to get an unlimited Google drive?
The only way to obtain an unlimited storage facility on Google drive is to use G Suite for business. However, VideoCrypt permits the use of encrypted Google drive solutions by charging a nominal fee and providing a mega storage facility on the drive.

What is Google drive used for?
Google Drive is a cloud-based service used for storing media content and accessing it on any device. VideoCrypt offers a solution to any business in preventing the stealing of their online content.

Can I trust the Google Drive solution services of VideoCrypt?
Yes, solutions related to Google Drive we offer as they are protected with a specialized key. The Google workspace for education service we offer also adds value to the security of the stored media content.

Is Google Drive more secure than Gmail?
Both Google Drive and Gmail are secured platforms and their security is enough to prevent any hacking attempt. However, there is a notable increase in Google drive security due to its encryption service offered by VideoCrypt.

Is VideoCrypt’s Google Drive Education Solutions expensive?
No, buying Google Drive solutions for education is not at all expensive to buy. Although, the price of buying the Google drive solution of VideoCrypt is completely affordable.

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