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Multi DRM Services

Get video content protection for all your streaming needs including the AES video encryption through our Multi DRM solutions:

Keep Your On-Demand Content Secured With Multi DRM

Save your valuable audio and video content from illegal usage and downloads. Protect your copyrighted digital content and other intellectual property rights. Our Multi DRM services work directly from the stage when data is uploaded to the server. This data is usually encrypted through a cryptographic key.

Thus, many SMBs, NGOs, and Video Creators avail our digital rights management solutions. It helps to improve their revenue and save their rights over digital content. Moreover, only authenticated users can access that video content and consume it. Video content creators are concerned about the misuse of their video, which led to the violation of the license agreement. Therefore, they use our DRM software solutions to uphold their license agreements.

VideoCrypt is one of the leading companies providing multi DRM services at an affordable price. It acts as your friend that helps in securing video content during or after download. Multi-DRM limits the number of users accessing video content to control sensitive information.

DRM Technologies which VideoCrypt provides.


Microsoft PlayReady DRM

Microsoft PlayReady is one of the popular DRM software solutions which is used for digital content protection. It is a technology to prevent media file copying. This technology is helpful on various devices, including CE hardware and software systems. This DRM supports MPEG-DASH and HLS streaming formats.


Google Widevine DRM

Google Widevine is a digital rights management solution that is useful for protecting online content from piracy. Many digital content creators use this DRM to prohibit all users from downloading and copying your precious data. All digital content creators control their content distribution and access. It is known for assisting with Android and adaptive streaming.

apple fairplay

Apple FairPlay DRM

Apple FairPlay DRM securely delivers streaming media to the client using the HLS protocol. It helps to encrypt the digital content in iOS, tvOS, watchOS, and Safari Browser. It also has complete integration with Apple AirPlay. In addition, it supports the download and playback of Apple FairPlay Streaming (FPS) content.

Features of VideoCrypt Multi DRM

Save on security Secure Time & Money

Our DRM saves both time and money by allowing you to get a ready-to-use license. This doesn’t permit you to select an expensive undertaking.

Cash-in on your content Cash in on your content

Multi-DRM enables multiple business models to properly use SVOD, TVOD, AVOD, and PPV to improve the revenue generation ability of a business.

Seriously scalableSeriously scalable

Witness an expansion of an audience with our multi DRM software solutions that meet the growth of a business as per the expansion of a business.

Easily Apply Your Web ServicesSecure your web services easily

Secure the audio & video content on your website quickly with high levels of content security and integrate it with various HTML5 web players.

High Performance and Reliability through Multi-region ServiceHigh-performance and reliability

Built on multi-region-based global service architecture, VideoCrypt provides high performance and reliability for global content services.

Global license delivery networkGlobal license delivery network

We've designed a robust and highly available automatic scaling server structure across multiple AWS regions worldwide to avoid any outages.

wisely-manageWisely manage permission

Use multi DRM solutions of VideoCrypt to manage the access permission with password-protection of your audio & video content on a user level..

Global license delivery networkSecure audio & video streaming

Protect video content with AES256 encryption & audio content with AWS128 encryption using a secure platform to easily upload and share digital content.

video-storageComplete video storage security

Securely store your videos at a lower storage cost and without compromising the playback quality of that digital content, so your videos aren't pirated.

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Helpful Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is DRM?
DRM, or Digital Rights Management, is a popular method to protect the copyrights for digital media. It allows all digital content producers to control what other users can do with their content. It helps a business avoid legal issues that arise from unauthorized use.

What are multi DRM services?
Multi DRM service uses video DRM technology, including Widevine technology and FairPlay DRM, to secure video content. Multi-DRM license service is cloud-based that enables brands to distribute and secure content.

How does DRM work?
DRM works to keep your video content secured with encryption just after uploading it. It is encrypted using a cryptographic key. It assists in protecting audio & video content in transit and in client-side. Encrypted content is stored securely and completely ready for delivery.

Why do I need multi DRM solutions?
Multi-DRM solutions are necessary to protect the audio & video content of an SMB, NGO, and other video content creators. A business requires it to save the revenue generation capability of a business for which it is necessary to use Multi-DRM.

What DRM does Apple use?
Apple uses FairPlay DRM to securely stream content on the iOS app, macOS safari, and tvOS. Apple FairPlay is an important part of multi DRM available to prevent content piracy.