Google Widevine DRM

Ensure content protection from hackers through a modular DRM created and managed by Google. Digital content creators and streaming houses can prevent the loss of their premium content through Google Widevine DRM by stopping content piracy.

Encrypt Your Content with Google Widevine DRM

Many digital content creators and streaming houses, including NGOs, YouTubers, EdTech companies, and other SMBs, use Google widevine DRM. It is done to protect the streamed content from hackers. These hackers can pirate your premium content and use it, which can affect your revenue-earning model.

A business needs to get this service to get security from illegal screenshots. It also prevents the loss of business revenue by preventing premium content leakage. A company can manage the distribution of digital content and prohibit Streaming at all available resolutions (240p, 360p, 480p, 720p, and 1080p). To protect any content loss from piracy, using multi-DRM, especially Google Widevine DRM, is crucial. It is useful to prevent copying and unauthorised usage of video content. Google widevine DRM is completely free and doesn’t charge any fee for the use of its services.

Any business can avail of the services of VideoCrypt to get Google Widevine DRM solutions. This solution will assist a business in keeping its premium content out of the reach of hackers. Google widevine supports MPEG-DASH (adaptive bitrate streaming), which is essential for many streaming businesses.

Benefits of VideoCrypt Google Widevine DRM

  • Content is encrypted using this DRM seamlessly on all devices.
  • Supports containers such as MP4 and WebM.
  • Widevine DRM solutions are owned & maintained by Google.
  • Get complete control over the viewing experience with HTML5.
  • It restricts unchecked distribution of premium video content.
Benefits of Google Widevine DRM

Features of VideoCrypt Google Widevine DRM

Content Protection Content Protection

Keep your video content secure and out of the reach of hackers on all devices with Google widevine DRM protection on major operating systems.

Video Playback Video Playback

Manage users’ viewing experience with HTML5 support with adaptive streaming and accessibility support for all devices and major OS.

Multi-Device Compatibility
Multi-Device Compatibility

Google Widevine DRM is well-known for supporting multiple devices and securing your premium media content from the reach of unauthorized users.

Standardized Format
Standardized Format

VideoCrypt’s Widevine DRM has a special feature of encrypting the content once and playing it anywhere with standardised streaming formats.

Multimedia Containers
Multimedia Containers

Display media content (multimedia content) with captions by supporting significant media containers such as MP4 and WebM in this digital age.

Support Media Streaming FormatsSupport Media Streaming Formats

Google Widevine DRM is well-known for supporting various media streaming formats, including MPEG-DASH (adaptive bitrate streaming) and HLS protocol.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Google Widevine DRM?
Google widevine DRM is a content protection system that supports MPEG-DASH and HLS protocol.

Is Google Widevine DRM protection free?
Using Google Widevine DRM does not charge any additional fee, and anyone can use it to prevent the loss of its data.

Who created Widevine DRM?
Google has created the Widevine DRM and manages it effectively on devices.

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