Deliver Your Video Content Worldwide

Amazon CloudFront is a global CDN network to accelerate the delivery of your content by leveraging the global AWS network.

Automatic Scaling
Instant Scaling

CloudFront can automatically scale to handle infinite requests without affecting its performance.

Video Security
Video Security

Protect content via layered security parameters against many types of attacks, including DDoS attacks.

Cost Effective
Cost Effective

Amazon CloudFront uses the pay-as-you-go pricing model making streaming cost-effective.

Easy Integration
Easy Integration

Integration of CloudFront with other AWS services like AWS WAF, AWS Lambda, and Amazon S3.

Why Amazon CloudFront (CDN)?

  • Pay only for which edge location & for how long you are using
  • Get discounts by reduced content delivery charges
  • Enable secure content delivery with low latency
  • Deliver data through multiple PoPs with automated network mapping
  • URL Path-based routing

Amazon CDN Plans & Pricing on VideoCrypt Explained!

The amount you need to pay to get fast and secure content delivery depends on the actual usage of Amazon CloudFront (CDN). Below is the table that defines the CloudFront pricing:

Plan Name Cost Bandwidth Validity Estimated
VALUE $545/ Yr 10 TB 1 Year 40,000 hrs. of streaming on 600 Kbps video
POWER $2180/ Yr 50 TB 1 Year 1,99,000 hrs. of streaming on 600 Kbps video
OPTIMUM $3270/ Yr 100 TB 1 Year 3,98,000 hrs. of streaming on 600 Kbps video
PRIME $5450/ Yr 250 TB 1 Year 9,95,000 hrs. of streaming on 600 Kbps video
PIONEER $7500/ Yr 500 TB 1 Year 20,00,000 hrs. of streaming on 600 Kbps video
PREMIUM $10,000/ Yr 1 PB 1 Year 39,77,000 hrs. of streaming on 600 Kbps video
SILVER $18,000/ Yr 2 PB 1 Year 79,54,000 hrs. of streaming on 600 Kbps video
GOLD $40,000/ Yr 5 PB 1 Year 1,98,65,000 hrs. of streaming on 600 Kbps video
PLATINUM $70,000/ Yr 10 PB 1 Year 3,97,70,000 hrs. of streaming on 600 Kbps video
DIAMOND $1,20,000/ Yr 20 PB 1 Year 7,95,40,000 hrs. of streaming on 600 Kbps video
TITANIUM $2,50,000/ Yr 50 PB 1 Year 19,88,42,000 hrs. of streaming on 600 Kbps video
PEARL $4,00,000/ Yr 100 PB 1 Year 39,76,83,000 hrs. of streaming on 600 Kbps video

If your requirement to use Amazon CloudFront for a quick and secure video delivery exceeds the above-mentioned plans, VideoCrypt will provide you with custom plans at additional discounts per GB.

How does Amazon CloudFront work?

To make an informed decision, you should know how Amazon CloudFront works. So here is the process using which CloudFront (Global-CDN) functions.

Step 1

A user visits a website and requests to access or download a file (image file, HTML file, or Streaming Media file).


Step 2

Now, Domain Name System (DNS) routes the request to the nearest edge location (to serve the request) and CloudFront search for the requested file and sends it to the user (one file is found in the cache).


Step 3

If the file is not found, CDN compares the requirement and sends it to the respective web server. After this, that server sends the file back to the CDN through edge location so that the requested device will get the file.


Get started with VideoCrypt's Amazon CloudFront (CDN)

Deliver content using the AWS CloudFront global network connecting edge locations to regions. You can get started by visiting the VideoCrypt website and logging in to the account with the credentials. If CloudFront is new to you, then join our free trial now where you will get 100 GB of bandwidth - estimated 400 hours of streaming at 600 kbps. On facing any problems, connect with our customer support to get the relevant assistance.

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