Access educational material easily via our ready to use VideoCrypt eLearning mobile app!

Indeed, the world is changing, and everyone is constantly looking for ways to enhance their learning experience. Here, they look for an eLearning app to complete their business activity. They can attain this task as it is not only convenient but also beneficial for them. Therefore, VideoCrypt made a great application to facilitate the e-learning experience. This SaaS-based application is ready to use and extend the operations of a business.

VideoCrypt has made an app that operates as a top-notch online teaching app for educators. Undoubtedly, this ready-to-use application is valuable for educators to expand their teachings. Thus, the application provided by VideoCrypt is vital for the growth of an e-learning experience. Anyone can use this excellent e-learning application and inflate its classroom.

Nullify the boundaries and boost your teaching by making your teaching present worldwide. VideoCrypt is famous for enabling businesses engaged in the teaching domain to flourish online. Our app enables learners to improve their learning experience through the excellent interface our app provides. The online education app is a boon for educators providing yoga classes or teaching competitive content. Our excellent development service has everything ready in this application for use for commercial purposes.

Why choose the e learning application of VideoCrypt for learning?

Certainly, e-learning is increasing rapidly, and many businesses use this to accomplish this regular activity (online teaching). Any business developing educational content can use it to stream them securely. Our eLearning app is an incredible asset allowing every business to keep their education media content safe. Moreover, our 24/7/265 active customer support team is adept at satisfying the queries of our clientele through the relevant technical knowledge they have.

Services provided by the online teaching app of VideoCrypt


Live and Pre-recorded Classes

We develop the best app for teaching online to ensure the success of any business (eLearning). However, our adept developers also allow the eLearning application to work offline. It has a special feature of pre-recording the videos and making them available.

Send and Collect Assignment

Another great service of the eLearning app offered by VideoCrypt is the ability to send and receive assignments online. It enables any educator to work effectively and use its services without any issues.

Improve Promotion

VideoCrypt improves any business by increasing the promotion rate. Any educator can promote the activity of a business due to a broader reach. Therefore, it increases the revenue generated through the online platform.

Education Management

The eLearning application of VideoCrypt enables any online teaching business to manage its activity. Take attendance, stream e-learning content, provide readable resources online to manage the education you receive.

Enabling secure transactions

VideoCrypt permits a business engaged in the eLearning sector to employ the process of safer transactions. The gateways used for payment make it able to create trust among learners and grow the e-learning business.

Simple Interface

VideoCrypt is aware of the fact that every learner present in the online space interacts with a simple users interface. It permits end-users to navigate easily while using the e-learning application on any platform (iOS or Android).

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Key Features offered by the eLearning app of VideoCrypt

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Chat Securely with Students

The ready-to-use app developed by VideoCrypt for e-learning permits educators and managers to chat with students or learners and resolve their doubts. In addition, it allows them to entertain their technical difficulties while using e-learning applications.

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Secured E-learning Content

VideoCrypt always pays attention to keeping the media content safe from any online theft. This is feasible through the video encryption feature that locks the video and requires a special key or ID to run without any obstacle.


Real-time Interaction between Faculty and Students

The eLearning app developed by VideoCrypt has a special feature to increase the utility of that app. Here, all learners are allowed to have a F2F interaction with educators teaching online.

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No Presence Required

The e-learning application provided by VideoCrypt reduces any requirement of the physical presence of its learners. Employ this and learn from anywhere using tremendous technology.

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Little Customization Efforts Required

The e-learning application we provide is ready-to-use, and a few customizations are necessary. This feature makes a business begin the e-learning business without any specific delay.


Safe E-learning Service

Any app developed by VideoCrypt is useful for e-learning as it is completely safe to use. It keeps all media contents to remain safe and free from theft on the online platform. It offers both encrypted videos and digital watermarking services to keep it safe already.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which company is remarkable for developing a great eLearning app?
VideoCrypt is a leading company offering effective e learning application development services. It builds the ready-to-use application and boosts a business engaged in providing e-learning services.

Does VideoCrypt help me build apps for teaching online?
Yes, VideoCrypt will assist you in developing valuable applications and using online teaching. It will develop the best apps for online teaching that will simplify the way for teaching through our effective and powerful e-learning application.

Can we get expert assistance before buying apps for teaching online through VideoCrypt?
Absolutely, VideoCrypt enables every business to get the necessary help before purchasing any eLearning app. The customer service experts will provide details regarding the features and clear any doubt relevant to the application purchase process.

Will the eLearning mobile app empowers me to keep my media content safe?
The e-learning application developed by VideoCrypt will always safeguard your content. The videos will have a special anti-capture feature to prevent your media content from any sort of theft.

Is e-learning safe for an educator?
Yes, e-learning is completely safe & engaging for an educator providing its teaching services through online resources. Moreover, it becomes safer to use a SaaS-based application (eLearning app) of VideoCrypt developed via impressive technology.