What is two-way streaming?

Two-way streaming is an advanced technology introduced by streaming service providers. It is very similar to the concept of two-way communication, where people connect and share ideas. In two-way streaming services, the receiver and transmitter end both can experience input and output in real time. This is very familiar with remote online meetings. The two-way streaming inspires this all-new trend of online conferences and webinars.

Lead your audience with real-time experience

Two-way streaming is a new concept, but we are willing to enrich its experience to leverage benefits from live events and meetings. With next-level thoughts and strategies, we are moving forward and introducing the new concept of video content delivery that is two-way streaming. The way a Real-time experience looks, we can interpret a standard feature that allows the audience to get and give the information. It all starts with the live interaction. Now our customers can conduct a meeting, event, or seminar where it will be a two-way streaming experience under high security. VideoCrypt makes it possible with the highly smooth content delivery network on the lowest latency. Our product is perfect for grasping the notion of two-way streaming well. 

Services under two-way streaming

Here is the entire spectrum of features in two-way streaming services, representing a massive phenomenal structure imposing a set of advantages.

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Doubt Management

Easy chat and mail options on the platform help learners to share their doubts, and teachers can resolve them in real time or later.

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Reports & Analytics

Performance tracking, analytics, and report of marks, attendance, proficiency, and engagement help measure learning standards.

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Live Quizzes

Quick assessments during live sessions, surprise tests, and interactive questions give fun learning and enhancement.

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Realtime interaction

Comment, chat, and reaction accessibility over the video facilitate a learner's real-time interaction that raises actual interest within.

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Advanced Whiteboard

Easy to write or draw anything, allow to use any truly digital content like PPT, infographic, or PDF, for representation.

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White Label

Run personalized experience over a white label concept. Customize platform as per organizational theme and logo.

Benefits of working with us

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High security

VideoCrypt is a highly secured platform loaded with high-end security. In addition, it has a Video Multi-DRM solution ensuring secured content delivery.

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You can add a visible watermark to your video content in the editing section on VideoCrypt after customization.

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Smooth and fast

Integrated with the world-class AWS servers and content delivery network, streaming through VideoCrypt is swift.

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Advanced UI/UX

The high end-user experience inspired by the best user interface is perfect for connecting many audiences by attracting them.

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It is highly cost-effective so that you can easily opt for it on your budget and go for it even if you are running a startup.

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24*7 support

VideoCrypt team is up in your services all the time. If you experience any hassle, reach the team anytime for support. 

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