Unlock the Power of Two-way Streaming With VideoCrypt

Two-way streaming unlocks the ability of the content creators and viewers to send & receive data in real-time. It is popular to upscale interaction and engagement between a streamer and its audience.

Elevate Engagement
Elevate Engagement

Boost engagement between content creators and audiences by allowing them to interact over live streaming.

Instant Feedback
Instant Feedback

Viewers can provide feedback immediately and directly to the content creators at the time of live streaming.

Get Opinions
Get Opinions

All content creators will get an opportunity to gauge audiences' opinions by generating intriguing polls.

Control Streaming
Control Streaming

Manage who can participate in your live streaming or video conferencing and give comments.


We Bring To You

  • Interactive and feature-rich live streams.
  • Broadcast any event in real-time.
  • Screen sharing with the audience during your stream.
  • Add custom logos, graphics, and other branding elements.
  • Live analytics to access accurate data of the live stream.
  • Streaming security with AWS cloud-based hosting.

Benefits of Two-Way Streaming

  • Exchange of data such as audio, video, text, etc
  • Real-time interaction in low-latency.
  • Synchronization in sending and receiving data.
  • Full-duplex mode enables seamless two-way streaming.

VideoCrypt's Advanced Two-way Streaming Platform

Real-time Interaction Real-time Interaction

Engage with your audience through high-quality video streams, including VOD and LIVE. Both parties (sender and receiver) can easily exchange data in real-time with minimum or no delay.

White-label Product White-label Product

Have your own branded two-way streaming application that works for you with customization, eliminating the requirement to make extensive changes, and saving both time and resources.

Secure StreamingStreaming Security

Easily secure streaming with multi-DRM solutions, token-based authorization, and dynamic watermarking to keep hold of your premium video content ownership and avoid its piracy.

Learning Management System (LMS)Low Latency Streaming

Streaming in low latency is essential to ensure flawless and effective exchange of data with no or minimal delay and it can help a business drive more revenue by creating engaging streams.

Multiple Use CasesMultiple Use Cases

Two-way streaming is used in online meets, webinars, live broadcasting, interactive learning, and more. It allows customers to communicate and share information in real-time.

Built with Advanced TechnologyBuilt with Advanced Technology

Our platform works on robust network infrastructure and uses codec & communication protocols to ensure bidirectional data transmission without interruptions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

VideoCrypt is one of the best two-way streaming platforms available at an affordable price. This platform enables a user to get feature-rich streaming platforms to grow their ROI.
Two-way live streaming is the broadcasting method useful because it supports bi-directional data flow (to both sender and receiver). Here, a streamer is able to share audio/ video and get feedback from the receiver in real+time.
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