Amazon IVS - Interactive Live Streaming Solution

Build engaging live stream with enhanced video performance and zero buffering.

Engage Your Potential Customers With Interactive Live Streaming

Amazon IVS is a managed technology that takes the world of interactive streaming (LIVE) by storm by enabling streamers to let their audience feel engaged. It is quick and easy to set up this amazon interactive video service on both mobile (Android and iOS) and the web.

Market Trends

Live streaming market size was $37.35 Billion with 67M+ users (IVS Usage) by 2022 and is estimated to grow in the future. Global video streaming platform TWITCH uses IVS, 20M+ Views/ Day | 3M+ Monthly Streams | 90+ PoPs.

Live Classes
Who Can Use

All digital content creators and publishers, including OTT platforms, Gaming Industries, Media Houses, Live Event Organizers, etc., can use IVS to provide a world-class viewing experience to their potential audience.

Fully Customized
Metadata API

IVS has a built-in timed metadata API to display infographics or any other component in live streaming. AWS interactive video service allows automation & monitoring by integrating with other services like AWS CloudWatch and AWS EventBridge.

Why Choose Amazon IVS


Key Points

  • Collaborative live streaming
  • Allow video monetization of live streams
  • Develop & deliver live streams with managed services
  • Deliver videos at ultra low latency (as low as 2-3 seconds)
  • Broadcast SDKs to integrate live streams into an app

Deliver Live Streams with Amazon IVS

  • Customized for Seamless Live Streaming

    Amazon IVS is ideal for creating live streams by ingesting and transcoding videos. You can also distribute your SD or HD quality streams worldwide. Those high-quality live streams are delivered via a content pipeline to the finest end-point.

  • Host Collaborative Live Streams

    Unify the videos of multiple hosts into a single live stream and reach a larger audience. Use a virtual space (stage) to let all hosts exchange their audio(s) & video(s) in real-time. Its use cases include - Guest Spots, Versus Mode, and Group Broadcast.

  • Automatic Scaling for Audience Size

    Get ready to live stream in minutes and cover multiple live streaming events without worrying about audience size and number of channels. Commence your live stream in seconds and scale it to deliver content to millions of concurrent users.

host-collaborative-live stream

Features of Amazon IVS

Simple To Use Simple To Use

Amazon's Interactive Video Service is easy to use as it is fully managed and handles transcoding, packaging, and content delivery with low latency.

In-built Player SDK
In-built Player SDK

Amazon IVS has its own built-in Player SDK to give an engaging experience and low latency without any additional effort.

Easy and Quick Set UpEasy and Quick Set Up

Amazon's interactive video service has a quick setup and is well-known for making video streaming simple for all audiences around the world to consume.

Amazon IVS chat
Amazon IVS chat

AWS IVS chat lets you personalize video streaming by chatting with viewers in real-time. Build a chatroom & send messages to the audience that they can see; however, they can't edit it.

Record AWS live streaming
Record AWS live streaming

A digital content creator can record live video and store it in Amazon S3 buckets, and later use it as VOD content with AWS Elemental MediaConvert or stream directly.


Setting up and using Amazon IVS is simple which reduces its cost; moreover, it uses a pay-as-you-go pricing model.

How it works

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

It is a managed live streaming solution that lets you leverage the benefit of live streaming, designed for quick and easy setup. Customizing and enhancing the UX of viewers is possible with its Player SDK.
The cost of using Amazon IVS depends on the usage of its service. IVS has a pay-as-you-go pricing model. In addition, hours input and hours output also decide the cost of using this service.
With IVS, a digital content creator can stream videos up to 8.5 Mbps, 1080p (maximum).
Amazon IVS has a special design to optimize video performance with latency as low as 2 to 5 seconds. It makes IVS a future-ready product that is likely to grow more in the future and improve customer engagement by driving 3X engagement.
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