Secure Video Hosting in India

India has one of the highest numbers of internet users in the world. They consume online videos at a very big scale which makes it a wonderful market for online streaming businesses. However, there is always a threat of video piracy for these streaming businesses. It is indeed important for them to protect their videos using secured video hosting in India.

Secure Video Hosting

Many online videos are available that contain sensitive data which no owner wants to reveal. No online video owner wants any third party to access their videos and use that illegally. This effort also secures the data of its customers. Therefore, all of them require Secure Video Hosting in India. It is important for them to keep their videos secured and free from the threat of hacking or illegal access.

In short, we can term Secure Video Hosting as a perfect solution to provide security to your online videos. It primarily protects the intellectual property rights of video content creators. In addition, it will help you block any attempt to pirate your videos.

Why is Secure Video Hosting in India important?

Today, many enterprises are using data protection to ensure the security of all their videos. It will help you secure all your videos by blocking any hacking attempt. It will help all marketers, educators and other content publishers in keeping their videos secured. This will not only help to prevent revenue loss but will also cover the risk of a sensitive data breach in your online videos.

What are the benefits of Secure Video Hosting?

Irrespective of the video streaming goal you have, it is imperative to secure them from online piracy. They want to attain this to obtain numerous benefits, which are given below in detail:

  • The hosting will protect your videos from being stolen by illegal users and unauthenticated viewers.
  • It will help you add, manage and stream all your videos using a hassle-free approach.
  • This approach will help you run on the streaming business so that it can protect all your videos from being pirated.
  • A Secured Video Hosting is also necessary to keep your and your users’ data free from hacking threats.
  • Keep all your videos flawless by making it error-free and ensuring a smooth experience.
  • Keep all your videos encrypted and protected by a password to set restrictions on video access.

How does VideoCrypt Secure Video Hosting Services in India Work?

VideoCrypt has a secured hosting service that will host your videos and manage that efficiently. This will help you manage all your videos using effective technology. Now, the major question is how VideoCrypt’s video hosting works. For this, you are only required to start the video hosting services provided by VideoCrypt. It will help all video content publishers using its video hosting or managing service. The use of anti-capture and visible watermarking will also augment the secured video hosting solutions offered by VideoCrypt.

Implementation and Costing of VideoCrypt’s Secure Video Hosting

VideoCrypt has a secured hosting service for online videos which can be used by paying at a nominal cost, for additional details about it, you can visit the official website of VideoCrypt. In addition, the implementation of VideoCrypt’s secure video hosting solutions is also simple. You only require to open your web browser to navigate to the homepage of the VideoCrypt website. From there, Login to your account with correct credentials or sign up (if you are new to VideoCrypt). Now, all you need is to follow the on-screen instructions and, then you are good to go for using the secure video hosting services of VideoCrypt.

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