DRM Software Solutions for UAE

DRM solutions are the software that is built to prevent the piracy of all your video content. More than 2.5 billion viewers of videos in and by the next year, this number will be 3+ billion. Due to this, many video content publishers are stepping into this industry. But, all of them have a similar concern about the protection of their video over the internet. This concern is too great in the middle-east region; thus, they want to get the DRM Solution for UAE for protecting their videos by preventing them from being altered, shared, or duplicated. We use both Apple FairPlay and Microsoft PlayReady service to provide DRM security to you.

Details about DRM

DRM is a solution to protect digital media from getting pirated and used by any users without legal permission. This technology generally limits the number of devices on which a video can be accessed by encoding those videos. It may sound like a common method, but its importance is very high.

It prevents any illegal user from accessing your premium or paid videos. DRM encrypts all your videos and makes them inaccessible for all users. The DRM Solutions for UAE is a perfect choice to secure all your videos from getting copied or duplicated. In short, to protect the rights of your digital copyrights, it is important to adopt DRM technology, especially Google Widevine DRM.

Why are the DRM Solutions for the UAE Important?

DRM is one of the important steps a user can take to avoid the pirate of its original video content. All publishers and video content creators use DRM solutions to secure all their videos and make them have a seal of safety from piracy issues. In this world, modernization has made it easier from pirating your video content available online. Here, DRM is the only technology prohibiting these unauthorized users to pirate all videos. This is sufficient to provide you with information regarding the importance of multi DRM solutions.

What are the benefits of DRM Solutions for UAE?

All video publishers and content creators work with a goal that they are willing to attain. But, many of them face the same kind of threat in which all of them are afraid of video piracy over the internet. Here, they can use the DRM Solutions for UAE due to its various benefits are given below:

  • Protect the copyrighted material from getting copied or duplicated by any unauthorized user.
  • Encode all videos to make it impossible for anyone to pirate the online video content.
  • Encourage all video content creators to boost the use of video by minimizing the threat of piracy.
  • Stop the illegal use of all your videos by not allowing any user attempting to access videos illegally.
  • Protect the significant data of all your users by avoiding any leakage of your data.

How do DRM Solutions for UAE work?

VideoCrypt is a popular provider of video security of all live or online videos. Its fantastic services can be availed by the payment of a nominal amount; visit the official website of VideoCrypt to get more details about the DRM software. DRM solutions will work for you by allowing adequate encryption of all your videos and blocking any attempt to pirate your live/ online videos. It works for your brand when it is activated by the users and for this, they need to enter valid details in the login section of VideoCrypt’s website. If you are new to this website, you first require to sign up. After this, you only need to select a suitable plan and activate it using the on-screen instructions.

Helpful Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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